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California - Bardessono

 A luxury Napa Valley spa resort. This is your place to spa, to walk gardens, to immerse in views and to taste the wine. 

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Bardessono stands for a mindful approach to living the good life!

"Deep green" with luxury, a subtle aesthetic, privacy, and graciousness, is the Bardessono model. It’s genuine hospitality, borne of the enduring expressions of land and family, that fostered and sustained the original Bardessono family farmstead in Napa County. - Bardessono

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Chartering an aggressive environmental course at Bardessono, they have implemented many Green Initiatives with the most advanced environmental technologies in order to stay true to their beliefs. 

Such as "An underground geothermal system heats and cools the guest rooms, the spa, and the domestic hot water supply. Almost no offsite energy is used. Hidden on the flat rooftops are 940 solar panels that provide significant amounts of the hotel’s electrical demand. Occupancy sensors in guest rooms automatically decrease energy consumption when guests are not in their rooms."

Wood used for the construction around the hotel are milled from salvaged trees, all linens, cleaning supplies, recycling and composting programs are organic as a standard! 

"Each guest who opts out of housekeeping service for the day will be invited to plant an herb in the onsite, certified organic culinary garden in support of a more sustainable future."



Bardessono takes their sustainability when it comes to food and food compost very seriously! The majority of products used for their restaurant are sourced from local and regional organic and sustainable vendors. 

They utilise and "Earth Tub" where vegetable food waste is composted and reused in order to maintain landscaping areas around the hotel grounds. 

Their own garden supplies Bardessono's restaurant with certified organic herbs and ingredients to create beautiful 'homegrown' dishes. 


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Another vital "green initiative" that Bardessono takes is to incorporate the use of solar energy into their hotel. Solar panels cover most of the roofs; this system provides about half of the total electrical energy required for the property. 

"The goal for the Bardessono project is to reduce the demand for external energy supplies — electricity, gas or oil by at least half of what a typical hotel consumes." - Bardessono

Each room has 200 square feet of low-e glass allowing for natural lighting, which reduces the temperature transfer through the glass. 

Sensors are installed to detect when guests are not in their room, which automatically control thermostats allowing the temperature to raise or lower a few degrees and therefore reduce excess energy demand. 

Bardessono stands at the forefront of the sustainable hotel business in the United States! Luxury vacationing has never been this eco. 

Want to learn more about their Green Initiatives? Check it out here!


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