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Clay Douglass, sustainability aficionado, world traveler and chairman of HoodLamb. Meet Clay Douglass — sustainability aficionado, world traveler and chairman of Hemp Tailor . With more than 20 years experience advising innovative, eco-friendly brands, Clay knows a thing or two about ethical fashion. We invited him here today to answer our most-asked questions about what hemp is, why it’s good for you and why it’s even better for the planet.

We’re totally committed to hemp clothes.
Why? Because hemp is sustainable.

Let me start out by defining sustainable. For me, it’s simple. Sustainable = tomorrow is better than today. That’s it. Anything that does that is sustainable.
Here are some facts about hemp and sustainability.

When you plant hemp, it enriches the soil

Hemp plants add nutrients in the soil. Once a field has been used to grow other crops, farmers plant hemp to bring back necessary nutrients. Hemp makes good dirt!

Hemp produces more biomass in a shorter time, using fewer resources, than any other plant

Hemp uses very little water. It’s a sipper. Contrast that with cotton. Cotton is a heavy drinker.
Hemp is also in a hurry — you can almost watch it grow. It can grow to 15 feet (4.5 meters) in 90 days. That’s 2 inches (5 centimeters) per day!
All that hemp biomass can then be used for thousands of applications. We use it to create fabrics which we turn into hemp clothing.

Hemp grows without pesticides and herbicides

Hemp doesn’t need those chemicals to grow and flourish. Cotton does. And because pesticides kill more than just pests and herbicides kill more than just the herbs growing around a plant, they cause massive environmental harm.
Hemp grows just fine without them. That means that it can grow without poisoning our environment.

Hemp eats carbon dioxide

All plants eat carbon dioxide. But hemp is voracious. That’s why hemp is the only carbon negative (not neutral — negative) textile in the world. Hungry little guy!

Hemp lasts

The most sustainable piece of clothing you can wear is — surprise — the one you’re already wearing. Hemp lasts a long time. It’s durable. You won’t need to purchase a new piece of hemp clothing each season. In fact, researchers have found hemp clothing as old as 8,000 B.C. Timeless!
There are countless reasons why hemp is the key to a sustainable future, and these amazing facts are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s why we’ve committed to using hemp to change fashion for good.

Wear Your Care

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