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Kenya - Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri means 'beautiful place'

This luxury safari camp located in the private Olare Motorogi Conservancy in the wider Maasai Mara ecosystem in Kenya will make you catch your breath!

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Voted as one of the 'Favourite Safari Camps' at the Condé Nast Traveller Middle East Reader's Choice Awards, and we know why!

This resort offers all the wonders of the rugged world, encompassed in stylish tented suites to make for the perfect retreat.


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Mahali Mzuri strives on emplying team members that are from local communities around the hotel, creating a multitude of jobs and development opportuniites that come from the upkeep of the lodges and conservancies. 

Sir Richard Branson, founder of Mahali Mzuri, was made aware of the severe environmental threat to the Maasai Mara area and ecosystem. By investing "with a view to expand the protected area for the benefit of both the local community and wildlife alike" a new vision for the Maasai Mara ecosystem was implemented.

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Notedly, the important contribution to sustainability is the collaboation with local communities, and the formation of conservancies and protection of the wider regional ecosystem.

"The basic concept of these conservancies is to guarantee a fair income to every landowning member regardless of tourism numbers."

Such a great initiative of the Mahali Mzuri Resort is their initiative and membership with 'Pack for a Purpose' - an initiative in which tourists and travellers can make a lasting impact on the local community in Kenya. By using a few kilo's in your travel space to bring supplies for local schools and medial clinics, "you'll make a priceless impact in the lives of children and families."

Feeling inspired? Visit them here!


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