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Mexico - Cuixmala

"A luxury eco-travel destination set in 30,000 acres of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve" - Cuixmala

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"Here the boundaries separating you from nature are dissolved"

Within the Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve, situated alongside wondrous Mexican coastline, resides Cuixmala. An oasis within itself, Cuixmala is recognized as being a leader in eco-luxury travel. 

It's "vast hills look out over the coconut plantation towards the Pacific Ocean, and to the east, bamboo groves and mango trees number in their thousands."


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“Each generation has a duty to commit to a contract between the past, the present and the future.” – Sir James Goldsmith

Biodynamic Farming is at the core of Cuixmala's environmental and sustainable foundation. Their organic biodynamic farm provide 90% of everything served at the estate! 

Sir James Goldsmith, founder of Cuixmala, believes investing to improve the environment rather than injuring it. 


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A standard that Cuixmala lives by is to encourage the connection to nature. 

"The Cuixmala-Chamela Reserve is a UNESCO accredited Biosphere, recognising management, research and education of the reserve, not only protection."

Countless wildlife projects and research programs such as climate & hydrological stations shape the protection of local wildlife and ecosystem throughout the region. 

“Everything at Cuixmala is done with an eye toward preserving the environment. The incredible food is harvested directly from their organic farms. Wild animals are protected and roam freely. It is truly paradise.” - ELLE

Wanna see more? Visit them here! 

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